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OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

Sep 1

The OSRS Misthalin Mystery quest is an interactive and challenging RuneScape quest that sends players on a journey to help Abigale with her injured boyfriend. The only clue of what happened at the house party in the spooky mansion was Hewey, who has been attacked by somebody unknown. With your detective skills, you must get the attacker before he hurts again!

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Recommended Items For OSRS Misthalin Mystery

  • Tinerbox
  • Knife
  • Bucket

OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quest Guide

The Misthalin Mystery quest starts by speaking to Abigale, who will ask for your help after being attacked. Head south of them and board the rowboat. In a cutscene you'll find Sid murdered at the manor with no sign of his killer; use one bucket on another barrel containing rainwater - it's all about using what you have! Make sure not to miss any clues inside because they might be just as important as finding out who did this sinister deed.

Pick up the knife from the table and head north, then open the eastern door to go inside a little room. This will trigger another cutscene where Tayten is murdered by someone hiding in an old wardrobe on that side of this small room. The killer slashes their throat with his large dagger before they can scream for help again! Before heading back over there though, you move closer towards what appears to be an ancient painting across from them so that you could read its riddle better just written beneath its frame.

The doorknobs on the doors throughout the mansion will indicate which keys open them. Go into one of two eastern rooms, choose whichever you prefer, and take a tinderbox from its shelves. Light all four unlit candles in this room to trigger an animation where it becomes clear that they're dry enough for fuses attached to barrels containing explosives outside to be lit without causing any damage inside.

This riddle refers to a piano that can be found in the north-eastern corner of the manor. Enter through what appears like an old damaged wall and play detective to this ancient artifact; then search it for your next emerald key which is inside! After you have obtained another note from one of Mandy's belongings (a kitchen door) she will get killed by The Killer--clearly not her real name but at least we know who sent him after her.

Once again, the Killer will leave another note. Pick up the note and read it; a riddle is waiting to be solved! The last sentence refers to an unlit fireplace in the Eastern room that needs some love from your knife. Go out of East Room into Southeast Room (damaged wall) then head North through a door on the west side for more clues about what's going on and how you can find this sapphire key they're talking about.

The only way to deal damage to the Killer is by pushing the mirror in the room and having it face her; however, if you push on more than one side of a wardrobe she will teleport away. To predict which wardrobe he could be hiding behind, there are certain objects that cast black shadows when they’re near him. You have defeated Abigale after discovering another killer reveals himself as her boyfriend Hewey!