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Tips for the First Phone Call to an Adjuster after an accident.

Nov 7

In the hours after an injury to your roof or an accident that results in injuries, your cell phone could get ringing. The person who calls may be an insurance adjuster, or another representative from the other side. Let's take a look at what to discuss and what not to say when speaking to an insurance adjuster or other representative following an incident. This is especially important when the damage to your roof or incident resulted from the other party. For claims involving insurance it is also possible to contact Glendale Roof Repair.

  • Keep calm and polite

If your anger over the accident and the injuries isn't gone, taking your frustrations with the insurance adjuster isn't going to help you get a fair personal injury settlement. You never know how or the extent to which an adjuster's good efforts will pay off, whether in speedily processing your claim or believing the claim of an impossible to prove issue--so it's always better to retain your calm and remain professional.

  • Name the Person with Whom you'll be talking

Get the name, address, and number of the person who you're talking with, as well as the name of the insurance firm that he or she works for and the person or business that the company represents before you discuss anything (the "insured").

  • Give only the bare minimum of personal information

All you have to do is provide your full name along with your address and contact number to the adjuster for insurance. You may also inform them of what you do to earn a living as well as where you work. You don't have to tell them anything about your position, salary, or timetable.

  • No details about the accident

Insurance adjusters and other representatives may try to convince you "to provide a written statement" regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident. They could also engage in a conversation with you in which they subtly ask you to tell them about the incident. You shouldn't reveal more than the most important information such as the location date, time, nature of the accident and the identities of the witnesses. You'll probably write an injury claim letter following the accident, which will detail the cause of the accident.

  • Don't provide any information about your injuries

Insurance adjusters need to be aware of the extent and severity of your injuries. Don't divulge all the details now. It's possible to lose track of something or discover an injury later. Also, your injury may be more severe than you thought. If you need to communicate with an adjuster, just state that you are "still taking treatment" and keep it that way. Find out more about the value of your personal injury case is affected by medical treatment.

  • Create a list

When the call has ended, take down all information and any requests you have made to the other party.

  • Do not try to make a decision in a hurry

Sometimes, insurance adjusters provide a settlement within two or three phone calls. These quick settlements help the insurance company save time. Additionally, they force you to settle for a minimal amount before you have a full understanding of what your injuries are and what your personal injury claim is worth. Beware of the scam. Collecting a settlement may seem like a quick method to collect compensation without having to go through the claims process. And the money may be enticing however, it will certainly cost you money, probably quite a bit.

  • Limit Conversations

You must be clear from the start that you won't be talking a lot over the phone to an adjuster from the insurance industry. Do not just share minimal information during the initial phone conversation as mentioned above, but you should also set clear boundaries for the subsequent phone calls.

There are many reasons why you must keep your contact with insurance adjusters low. Some will phone you often trying to convince you to settle quickly but they can also be rather annoying. It's better to tackle this issue as soon as possible rather than waiting for it to get worse.

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